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Marketing and Distribution

Marketing books is probably the most difficult aspect of book publishing. With nearly 300,000 new titles being published every year in this country, it's quite a trick to convince people that they should be buying your book. There are resources on the web for promoting your book. Generally, the more you're willing to pay for such a service, the better results you should get. Then again, you may get no results at all.

Camp Pope Publishing is not a commercial publisher, but rather a book publishing services provider. Some online book publishers make a lot of promises about how they will market your book, but actually little is done, and few books are sold. I leave it up to you to promote and sell your books.

In the past CPP offered a partnership publishing arrangement with authors wishing to have their books published. I no longer offer this service, but I can help you self-publish your book. I can advise you on the process of setting up an account with one (or both) of the two major print-on-demand printers, how to acquire an ISBN, how to up load your print-ready files to the printer, how to register the copyright of your book, and what to expect in terms of sales, both from online booksellers and from brick and mortar book stores. If you prefer, I can upload your book to your printer for you.

There are two major print-on-demand printers/distributors, Ingram Spark (owned by Ingram Book Group) and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) owned by Amazon. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, which we can discuss so that you make the best choice for your particular needs.

If you would like to simultaneously publish an eBook version of your book, I can convert the print layout I have done for you, which you can then upload simultaneously with your print edition to your printer and have distributed to various online book outlets.