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Marketing and Distribution

Marketing books is probably the most difficult aspect of book publishing. With nearly 300,000 new titles being published every year in this country, it's quite a trick to convince people that they should be buying your book. There are resources on the web for promoting your book. Generally, the more you're willing to pay for such a service, the better results you should get. Then again, you may get no results at all.

Camp Pope Publishing is not a commercial publisher, but rather a book publishing services provider. Some online book publishers make a lot of promises about how they will market your book, but actually little is done, and few books are sold. I leave it up to you to promote and sell your books.

In the meantime, I can offer you a limited marketing arrangement which would be to both our advantages. If you so desire, I will create a webpage for your book with a unique URL containing the title of the book (or as close as we can get to the title). This will be an add-on domain to, but it will appear on the web as a separate website (see for example Booking in Iowa). You would be required to pay the yearly fee for the domain name ($19.95). Visitors to this website can read some advertising copy (which you can write or you can pay me to write) and order the book directly from Camp Pope Publishing through my secure shopping cart. The design of the site will be simple and straightforward and subject to your approval (you may design the site, which will then be subject to my approval). I will require a 40%-50% discount on your books to sell via this website. For example, you set the retail price of your book at $20.00 and your book costs $4 to print (which includes the 10% CPP service charge). Your profit would be $16, less my, say, 50% discount, so your final profit per book sold via the website would be $8.00. Payment will be made to you monthly and only after a balance of $50 has been attained, or at least twice a year, when statements of account will be submitted to you. If your book has been manufactured POD, you will not have to provide me with inventory; I can order it directly from the printer. If you have gone the offset route, I will order inventory from you at a 40%-50% discount, and no further payment will be made to you.

If a seperate website for your book seems like too much, I can sell your book from my website (see some of the titles offered on the Our Books page), for which I would require the same 40-50% discount. This is a very simple arrangement which requires only your approval. Naturally, if your book is for private distribution to family, you're not obliged to make it available for sale to the general public.

If you want to go POD and would like to have your book available on, you can have your book printed by Amazon's POD service, Createspace. If we make your book available for distribution through Ingram (and its POD printer Lightning Source, Inc.) it will show up on Amazon, but without the perks that Createspace users enjoy, such as your own eStore page where Amazon promotes and sells your book, plus easy integration into Amazon's retail program and free software for converting your physical book to an eBook available to owners of Amazon Kindle eBook readers. Createspace's setup is free (you are only charged for a proof copy of your book), but when sold through you are required to allow at least a 40% discount and when sold through Amazon's Expanded Distribution service you must allow a 60% discount (although Createspace eStore discount is only 20%).

If you need to have your POD book distributed to brick and mortar bookstores I would recommend that we go with Lightning Source, Inc. There is a setup fee for each title and a yearly distribution fee of $12, but for that amount your book will be made available worldwide through Ingram, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor and other book distributors. If you want brick and mortar bookstores to stock your book you would have to allow a 55% discount and accept returns. It's an inexpensive way of getting your title into the worldwide distribution pipeline. Books printed by Lightning Source are also available via the Espresso Book Machine (see Printing and Binding).

You can also order (through CPP) any quantity of copies for your own use and only pay shipping and my 10% service fee on the printing charge. The books will be dropshipped directly to you. If you are able to arrange quantity sales to independent bookstores, I can have books printed and dropshipped directly to them.

If you would like to simultaneously publish an eBook version of your book, this can added to the distirbution (either through Ingram or Createspace/KDP). Then both print and Kindle versions would appear on your Amazon sales page. Your eBook can also be distributed to Apple iTunes, Nook, and others, but to do that it's best to distribute through Ingram.